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Welcome to Process-Centric Marketing LLC


Stop Marketing to the Unknown

Slay the Beast of Audience Anonymity Once and For All

Incorporate more customer relevance into your marketing campaigns and further enhance your digital programs and MarTech strategies by leveraging Process-Centric Marketing.


What is Process-Centric Marketing?

Process-Centric Marketing or PCM for short leverages best practices in audience segmentation and business process analysis to gain unique market insight to deliver enhanced innovation, audience-centric customer experiences, and improved business results.


Process-Centric Marketing

Why it works, everywhere and at anytime

Process-Centric Marketing is a highly repeatable business discipline that can be applied successfully for many kinds of industries, technologies and solutions supporting a broad spectrum of marketing and business development objectives.


Deliver Audience-Centric Customer Experiences

Fully Understand What Motivates Your Customers for Better Results 

Companies should never confuse digital engagement tactics with audience-centric marketing. They are vastly different.

Unfortunately, today, despite our expanded reach through "digital touch," we continue to struggle with genuinely knowing our customers.

​Understanding who to reach, what to say, and where to say it, remain critical factors to master for customer engagement success.