Time Tested and Proven Marketing Methodology

Businesses are under siege. A company's former customers and partners have become potential adversaries where market disruption is everywhere. Only through its improved customer understanding and the personalized experiences it delivers can a company improve and sustain its competitive advantage.

Providing a relevant user experience is necessary to do business because of the buyers' improved knowledge and negotiation power. To relevel the playing field, companies must gain unique audience insight and deliver highly personalized experiences when engaging the market.

Process-Centric Marketing (PCM) is a time tested and proven methodology for new business development that focuses on leveraging unique captured customer insight to deliver these improved user experiences.

By applying PCM principles daily, companies gain competitive differentiation through their improved customer knowledge. PCM is foundationally sound and can be used to successfully address numerous business and marketing challenges, as illustrated by the case studies covered throughout this eBook.

Requiring no capital investment or a large staff, it only requires an openness to explore beyond what a company can immediately see.

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